Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza

Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza Recipe

Summer is not quite over yet so we felt we needed to squeeze one last hurrah in before fall! Boutique Vegan sent us some goodies a few months back including these soy steak strips and this delicious barbecue sauce. I wanted to make another pizza using these ingredients to compliment each other and this vegan summer BBQ pizza was born!

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Fluffy Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Crust

Fluffy Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Crust Recipe

I’ve been attempting to make good gluten free vegan pizza crust for a number of years now which has been an adventure to say the least! About a year ago I came up with this fluffy gluten free vegan pizza crust recipe and we really love it! This pizza crust is absolutely delicious when it’s freshly baked so we felt we had to share it on the blog.

Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza Gluten Free Dairy Free Barbecue Recipe
Shown Here With Our Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza Recipe; Click Photo For Recipe

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Vegan Space Bars

Vegan Space Bars - homemade gluten free dairy free vegan chocolate & caramel candy bar recipe

Wait, so you’re telling me the space bar on my keyboard isn’t vegan? What is a vegan space bar anyway? If you have asked these questions then you’ve come to the right place. One of my favorite candy bars before I was vegan was Mars bars. These vegan space bars are not quite Mars bars but they are out of this world and delicious! They feature delicious caramel, a cookie nougat and bananas if you choose to use them covered in melted chocolate that hardens when it cools. These vegan candy bars are amazing and definitely worth trying!

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Budget Vegan Nacho Cheese

Budget Vegan Nacho Cheese Recipe GF Gluten Free Nut Free Soy Free Dairy Free

I wanted to make a budget vegan nacho cheese as a more affordable alternative to our regular vegan nacho cheese. We opted to use chickpeas instead of nuts but the end result is just as tasty! On the spicy meter this nacho cheese is mild but you can adjust the spiciness to your liking by adjusting the amount of cayenne powder in the recipe. This vegan cheese is also very easy to make! Continue reading Budget Vegan Nacho Cheese

Peach Perfect Smoothie

Peach Perfect Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie is so delicious it makes me want to sing acapella (Get it? Peach perfect? From Pitch Perfect? I am a sucker for those kind of movies but can you blame me?!) Ok, but seriously, this peach perfect smoothie is one of my favorite smoothies; plus it’s really easy and simple to make. This smoothie is great for breakfast, in-between meals snack or even a well deserved treat! I am no nutritionist but it’s got some good stuff in it too.

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Vegan Lemon Pie

Vegan Lemon Pie Dairy Free Gluten Free Soy Free Nut Free Refined Sugar Free Gourmet Dessert Recipe

One of my favorite treats during the summer is this vegan lemon pie! There are few things I associate more with summer than a chilled lemon dessert. This particular pie is unique as the base of the filling comes from chickpeas instead of cashews. This obviously makes the pie more affordable to make! Athanasia thought I was crazy to use chickpeas for a dessert at first but once she tried it she had no complaints! Here is how I made it:

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Smoked Vegan Mac and Cheese

Vegan Smoked Mac and Cheese GF made with tofu vegan hot dogs. Quick and Easy Macaroni and Cheese!

Today we bring you smoked vegan mac and cheese which happens to be a quick, easy and great recipe for summer. Boutique Vegan recently sent us some of this vegan liquid smoke so I decided to make vegan mac and cheese with a little twist. It turned out awesome and this recipe is really simple. This is a great side dish or even main course if you ask me!

Vegan Smoked Mac and Cheese Recipe Gluten Free Macaroni & Cheese

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A Week of Greek

PicMonkey Collage

Greek Food is only one of the reasons to visit Greece, although many will argue it is one of the best ones. Some other reasons are the beautiful scenery, swimming in the sea, the hot sun and of course the hospitality of the people. My country may be going through a rough patch but this doesn’t affect the way we welcome the travelers! If you are visiting Greece or plan to, please don’t hesitate to ask us anything, such as places to eat or how to go about being a vegan while staying here. In smaller villages people may not know what vegan is, but in islands and places that attract visitors more and more vegan options show up on the menus of the restaurants. You can ask for horiatiki salad without feta and Yemista without meat, you can find these two dishes everywhere in Greece this time of the year. Swimming in the crystal clear blue waters under the Mediterranean sun is enough to relax you and make you fall in love with this place! We have added some photos from here in Patras for you to see as well in this post.

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Yemista – Greek Stuffed Vegetables

Yemista - Greek Stuffed Vegetables Vegan Recipe Gluten Free Soy Free

Today we bring you our final collaborative Week of Greek recipe we are doing with Oh She Cooks. This also happens to be my favorite Greek food: Yemista – Greek Stuffed Vegetables! I had never had this delicious main course before I moved to Greece two years ago. This was one of the first Greek foods Athanasia’s mom made for me when I arrived and I was hooked instantly! Athanasia’s mom is an amazing cook and all of the food she makes is delicious but I would have to say yemista is my favorite! I could eat yemista every day which means it may have replaced vegan pizza as my favorite food of all time. You may be wondering how this is possible but perhaps you have never had yemista!

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Vegan Greek Soutzoukakia

Vegan Greek Soutzoukakia

Tomatoes are in season now; full of color and flavor! They are great for making sauces like the one used for vegan Greek soutzoukakia. We made our soutzoukakia using mushrooms and walnuts but the main idea is taken from this awesome lentil soutzoukakia recipe. As you will see, it can be a task to make some of the most traditional Greek recipes. This is because we take our time with the preparation, sizzling the spices and slow cooking for amazing flavor. It is a labor of love but the food is always worth it! The Vegan Greek Soutzoukakia are served with oven fried potatoes. This is another installment in our collaboration with Oh She Cooks for her Week of Greek recipes!

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