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We are Jake and Athanasia and we currently live in Patra, Greece. Jake is from Minnesota in the United States and Athanasia is from Athens, Greece. Athanasia is currently a physics student at the University of Patra. We met each other in 2012 over the internet and discovered we had great chemistry together.  As time passed, we got to know each other quite well and we fell in love! After we opened that book, we jumped through hundreds of hypothetical hoops of fire to imagine what should come next in this story.  We decided Jake should move to Greece in July of 2013 to see what other crazy tales we could experience for our already unbelievable adventure.

Happy Spring from Patra, Greece
Patras, Greece

After our “honeymoon month”, it was time to figure out what to write next. We had both hit a wall called reality, which, for our purposes in this story we will call “writer’s block”. Remember those hypothetical hoops of fire we thought we had to jump through? Well, they turned out to be pretty real and not so hypothetical after all (they had sharp teeth too)! The economic situation all over the world is tough right now and that’s certainly the case here in Greece as well. Finding employment as an immigrant in a country with a 30% unemployment rate is no picnic. Jake has been a musician, a salesman, a chef, an entrepreneur, photo lab technician, cashier as well as other things in life so far but this was a new challenge to him. We began thinking outside of the box.


We both follow a gluten free vegan diet and have experience cooking our own food on a daily basis since there are not many options for us to eat out or order food around here. We follow the vegan lifestyle for both ethical and health reasons. Jake came from a place where the ability to buy already prepared food was very easy, however, he learned very quickly in Greece you must get creative to have a diverse menu. Athanasia began wondering what else there is in life after she grew tired of eating Jake’s pizza and ice cream every day. This situation led to us creating this blog as we figured even if it fails, at least we tried (while eating amazing food)!

Homemade Vegan Feta Cheese On Pizza Recipe Gluten Free Dairy Free
Pizza with vegan Feta = Love!

The blog was born and officially launched in October of 2013! It started with us wanting to create a menu of food for ourselves for times we didn’t know what to make or eat. However, it evolved into so much more than that in such a short time! We began veganizing some of our favorite foods and realized quickly how incredible these recipes taste. Our friends and families became impressed by how delicious gluten free vegan food can actually be as well! When we are not butting heads over whose way is right, we make a pretty damn good team.

It’s been a little over a year now since we started this blog (wow, time has really flown by)!  Sometimes, we look back at our beginnings and cringe! Although we still have a lot (and we do emphasize a lot) to learn and a long way to go when it comes to cooking, creating recipes and taking photographs; we love doing it and hope to keep improving. Through our journeys in the kitchen we hope to help others who do not know what to eat anymore. We feel your pain, that’s exactly how we started this adventure in the first place! Whether you are making the transition to a gluten free or vegan diet, or even just fasting or detoxifying; you will find some ideas on our blog!

Carrot Cupcakes Main

This blog has taught us a lot about ourselves we didn’t know before. Like everybody else, we are living in a world where it’s difficult to find jobs. We didn’t want to accept this reality as defeat so here we are. We have discovered Jake’s passion for cooking and Athanasia’s passion for photography as we devoted ourselves to these new hobbies. We have no idea where it will go from here but we are having getting there!

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Jade and LaneyJake is currently looking for a bass player, singer, drummer and maybe a 2nd guitar player to form a new band. Here is some of his past work and a some new ideas he is working on.

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  1. Hey there! I just discovered your blog and love it! Great title, I’m a fan of the show, “Two Broke Girls”. I’m vegan and try to be thrifty, but I struggle with this. I look forward to learning from you!! Celeste 🙂

  2. You guys should ***open a vegan cafe***! With all the awesome food you’ve posted here I’m sure the cafe will generate additional income for the both of you. God luck and blessings!

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