Where To Buy Vegan Ingredients In Greece

I am sure some people in Greece (tourists and citizens alike) are wondering where to buy vegan ingredients in Greece. Here is where we shop:


Piperomilos is a great shop for all your herbs, spices and superfoods needs! Dimitri is also a good friend of Athanasia’s sister.

Piperomilos in Athens

We really love Bamboo Vegan! They are very friendly and truly go out of their way to give outstanding service, even if you do not live in Athens! We have visited their store a few times and now we order from them here in Patra. They are amazing so check them out!

We recently interviewed the awesome people behind Bamboo Vegan, click here to read what they had to say!

Where To Buy Vegan Ingredients In Greece



We love Botanica Biomarket! We find ourselves walking to this store 2 to 3 times a week for ingredients. They specialize in organic products right here in our beloved Patra! We buy all of our tofu, Dove’s Farm gluten free flour, cacao powder, almond cream, organic gluten free baking yeast, raw cane sugar and so much more from them! Their staff is amazing, helpful and very friendly! We always look forward to our trips to Botanica! You can find them on Facebook by clicking here. Their address is: Ρηγα Φεραιου 37, 26223 Patras, Greece

Where To Buy Vegan Ingredients In Greece

5 thoughts on “Where To Buy Vegan Ingredients In Greece

  1. Hey,

    I love that store too. During a trip to Greece I found the store through a search in the Internet and checked it out. They are really friendly and also provide fresh made bakery products. Next time I am gonna taste them. Than I have more time. The shop is a must!

  2. Ok, thanks for the reply! Do you know if in Patras I can also find those big bags of 1 kg of frozen berries(μούρα) year round that are so easy to find in the USA?

    Also where I can find vegan food to eat out besides Kasper(located at Αγίου Aνδρέου 128)? They have κολοκυθοκεφτέδες(zucchini meatballs) there that can be made into a meal.

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