Sheese Cheddar Vegan Cheeses Review

Sheese Cheddar Vegan Cheese

In a trip to Bamboo Vegan a few months back we saw they now carry Sheese vegan dairy free cheeses. We had seen Sheese on the internet before but could not find a way to get it to us here in Greece. So, thank you Bamboo Vegan! In this review we will be taking a look at two different kinds of the Sheese cheddar vegan cheeses available.

Sheese Cheddar with Chives Product Review

Jake: Let’s take a look at the Sheese Cheddar with Chives vegan cheese first. This Sheese Cheddar with Chives vegan cheese was the first one we purchased and tried. As far as I know, this vegan cheese does not melt or stretch but I did not try. It’s flavor, to me, was very good. Not great, but it had good flavor. It did not remind me so much of cheddar though, it was more like an exotic aged cheese flavor. I found myself eating one very thin slice of the vegan cheese with a salad and then putting the Sheese back in the fridge. Maybe this is because the flavor is so strong and overbearing that it was all I could handle. I did like the flavor, but again, it was very strong. Needless to say, I liked it enough to want to try some of the other Sheese flavors. Athanasia did not like this Sheese Cheddar with Chives at all (as you will read below)!

I was excited to go back to Bamboo Vegan while we were in Athens last week to try other Sheese flavors. I do not remember all of the other flavors I saw on their shelf but I did see smoked cheddar and mozzarella. We declined to buy the mozzarella but I was very intrigued by the smoked cheddar. They had two versions of the smoked cheddar available, one of them said “MELTY EVEN BETTER!” in the top left corner of the packaging and one did not. Immediately the wheels in my head began turning as I imagined pizzas with melted smoked cheddar Sheese! Of course, we still had to try this Sheese, so we only bought one pack. We both could not wait to try it though, because we opened it to try with our dinner that night!

Sheese Smoked Cheddar Vegan Dairy Free Cheese Product Review

So, what did I think about the smoked cheddar? Well, it is amazing and is by far the best vegan cheese I have ever tasted! It really tastes like a smoked cheddar, the flavors come together perfectly with each bite and there is not one flavor that is too strong. It’s a nice blend, smooth flavor and most importantly delicious! Bravo Sheese! Does it really melt? Yes! It melts perfectly as a thin slice or if you shred/grate it (see photo at very top of the post). We have already tried this smoked cheddar on pizzas and sandwiches but it is a very good vegan cheese to eat cold as well. We liked this smoked cheddar Sheese so much Athanasia went back to buy three more packs of it to bring back to Patra with us. I highly recommend this Sheese if you can get your hands on it.


Athanasia: About the Sheese Cheddar with Chives, uhm yeah, I didn’t like it. Cheddar and chives are two great things, but this one smelled too strong. When I managed to look past this and try it, the flavor was just too intense, too much like cheese and not in the good way. Jake and our friend Hara liked it, and the ingredients passed Hara’s check so we were all happy. I like milder flavors, which is probably why I didn’t enjoy the Cheddar with chives Sheese.

Sheese Dairy Free Cheddar with Chives Review

We walked in Bamboo Vegan (as we do every time we go to Athens) and we were sniffing around for new exciting things to rock our world. Melty Smoked Cheddar Sheese! That’s the stuff. The smell on this one was just right, very original, savory and sooo enjoyable for two broke vegans who eat everything in moderation! This one we ate right of the package 🙂 Until Jake suggested we lay it on some gluten free bread to see how it melts. It needs it’s time to melt completely-as impatient as always I took my sandwich too early out of the oven and the Sheese hadn’t melt completely yet… it was still very good! Better than any other vegan cheese I have tried so far! Jake was in seventh heaven with his fully melted perfect smoked cheddar sammich, so next time I learned my lesson and let the Sheese melt for good. Divine, smoked and cheddary!! We couldn’t stop ourselves from eating it, perfect on pizza, perfect not melted..I went and bought 3 more packages…only one made it back to Patra, and I am afraid we will never open it… wanting to preserve it. Nah, forget it, it’s pizza night tomorrow, bye bye smoked cheddar Sheese 🙂

Sheese Smoked Cheddar Cheese Review



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