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Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

When you become a vegan, you might go through a phase thinking about some of the foods you will never have again. I have been a vegan for many years now and this is one of those foods I once had this very thought about. So without further delay, I present vegan chicken noodle soup! It’s like magic how convincing it is! Do you want to know how I did it? Continue reading Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Gluten Free Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

Gluten Free Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza
I say this is the best gluten free vegan BBQ chicken pizza I have ever tasted!

My siblings and I grew up on pizza. When we were kids, every weekend we would meet my Grandparents for pizza. My Grandpa loves pizza and I think it’s safe to say that got passed down to us all! I had tried every pizza you could probably imagine up to the point where I became a vegan. Now I find myself trying to recreate some of my favorites. The world needed a great gluten free vegan BBQ chicken pizza and I was determined to make it happen! Here is how I did it… Continue reading Gluten Free Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

Vegan Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Vegan Tofu Chicken

This was one of my brother Andrew’s favorite foods from his non vegan days. I loved it too, so I wanted to make a vegan chicken alfredo pasta. I must say, this is beyond amazing and bursting with flavor!  Not bad for gluten-free vegan food if I must say so myself! No need to take my word for it though, try it for yourself! Here is how it is done… Continue reading Vegan Chicken Alfredo Pasta