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Vegan Magiritsa Greek Easter Soup

Vegan Magiritsa Greek Easter Soup

Easter is celebrated on this Sunday here in Greece whereas some people around the world celebrated Easter last Sunday. Easter is a major holiday here! People flock to the farmer’s market to buy all the ingredients they can as they prepare to make copious amounts of food for Easter dinner. There are epitaphs to see (and follow if you’re interested) on Friday evening, fireworks on Saturday evening and of course the big day on Sunday! The tradition of Easter is rooted deep into the hearts and memories of many Greek people as they gather around with family and friends to celebrate. Athanasia wanted to share the essence of these traditions with this vegan magiritsa Greek Easter soup recipe! I really love this soup, it is delicious!  Continue reading Vegan Magiritsa Greek Easter Soup

Easy Pumpkin Soup

Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe - Vegan and Gluten Free

Winter is not officially over yet so why not squeeze one more soup on the menu? This easy pumpkin soup recipe can be made in 20 minutes or less in a large blender. Of course, you can still use this recipe to make it the more traditional way on the stove and food processor if you would like. This is another recipe in our serious of nutritious vegan foods we are doing this week with  vegan nutritionist Dimitra Makrigianni!

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Easy Vegetable Broth and Soup

Easy Vegetable Broth and Soup Recipe Vegan Gluten Free

Winter is not over quite yet but spring is right around the corner. If you ask me it’s the perfect time for a hot bowl of delicious soup! There are many ways to make broth and even more ways to make soup but I wanted to share my easy vegetable broth and soup recipe.

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Raw Month Challenge

Raw Month Challenge Results Strawberry Banana Fruit Salad

Here it is, our raw month challenge results post! As some of our readers may remember, we decided to do a 30 day raw vegan challenge beginning at the end of April 2014 through May 2014.  We never managed to post the results and our thoughts on the challenge before our hard drive crashed over the summer. Shame on us for not backing up, so if you are reading this right now you should make a mental note to back up your important files after you are done reading! Lucky for us, Athanasia kept old school notes with a pen and paper so we are still able to (finally) publish this post. Sure, we lost some of the recipes we had and, of course, any photos we did not already upload to our blog are gone too. However, we can still share with you what we do have.  Continue reading Raw Month Challenge

Raw Vegan Tortilla Soup

Raw Vegan Tortilla Soup Recipe

Today is day 10 already of our 30 day raw vegan challenge. It really does feel amazing still, I have gone raw before and know eventually the initial feeling fades a bit. However, I do remember always having enough energy to get everything on my plate finished each day. I have been using my current energy boost to work on our site quite a bit as well as write new music! It has been an amazing 10 days so far as I look forward to the next 20 days. On day 3 we enjoyed this raw vegan tortilla soup. I grew up eating tomato soups and tortilla soup is one of my favorite tomato soup twists! Athanasia is still new to the tomato soup world so this was a bigger hit with me than it was with her, but she still liked it. It is another quick and easy soup to make and this is how I did it:

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Raw Pea Soup

Raw Pea Soup

It is now day three of our 30 day raw vegan challenge and things are going great! We have been making some tasty raw vegan recipes and this raw pea soup recipe was one of the things we enjoyed yesterday. We both have felt a big boost in our energy levels as well as mental awareness. I personally find myself eager to learn new things by reading about anything I find interesting. The biggest benefit other than how we feel is how much less time we are spending in the kitchen. When I was making pizzas, breads, pastas and everything else I was spending three to four hours a day in the kitchen. Now I can prepare a full day’s worth of meals in about an hour (including washing dishes)! This raw pea soup took me 10 minutes from start to finish.

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Easy Tomato Soup – Raw Vegan Gluten Free

Easy Tomato Soup

This easy tomato soup was another post-wisdom tooth extraction food I made for Athanasia. It’s delicious and savory and can be made raw if you leave out the vegan cheese. I used a Vitamix to make it become completely smooth. However, you may be able to achieve a not so smooth texture in just about any powered blender large enough to fit all the ingredients. From start to finish this recipe should take 10 minutes or less. Let’s get started!

Gluten Free Raw Vegan Easy Tomato Soup Recipe

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Extra Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Vegan Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Let’s face it, it’s soup season. I love making soups even though it’s a labor of love to make them. I got started making soups almost two years ago now; as they became a popular choice for my family back home in Minnesota I became more comfortable with what a soup should be. Some would say you cannot eat this extra cheesy broccoli soup standing because your knees will buckle. Want to know how to make the perfect broccoli soup? Here’s how:

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Vegan French Onion Soup

Vegan French Onion Soup

Athanasia has been wanting an onion soup for a long time now! I decided it was time to make it, finally. This tasty vegan French onion soup is also gluten free. It does not take a long time to make it at all (after you dice the onions of course) and this recipe will serve two bowls of soup. Continue reading Vegan French Onion Soup

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

When you become a vegan, you might go through a phase thinking about some of the foods you will never have again. I have been a vegan for many years now and this is one of those foods I once had this very thought about. So without further delay, I present vegan chicken noodle soup! It’s like magic how convincing it is! Do you want to know how I did it? Continue reading Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup