Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza

Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza Recipe

Summer is not quite over yet so we felt we needed to squeeze one last hurrah in before fall! Boutique Vegan sent us some goodies a few months back including these soy steak strips and this delicious barbecue sauce. I wanted to make another pizza using these ingredients to compliment each other and this vegan summer BBQ pizza was born!

Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza Gluten Free Dairy Free Barbecue Recipe

Recipes to prepare:

Other ingredients needed outside of the recipes above:

  • Shredded or grated vegan cheese that melts

Vegan Summer Barbecue Pizza BBQ Recipe Dairy Free Gluten Free


  1. After you have made or prepared the sauce and soy steaks follow the instructions from the Fluffy Gluten Free Vegan Pizza Crust to step 9.
  2. After removing the pre-baked crust from the oven, add as much BBQ sauce as you would like on the crust.
  3. Add as many of the vegan soy steak strips as you would like.
  4. Sprinkle as much vegan cheese on top as you can handle!
  5. Continue baking the pizza in the oven until the vegan cheese has melted and the crust is baked. This took 12 minutes for us after the pre-baking the crust for 5 minutes.
  6. Serve and enjoy!

Vegan Summer BBQ Pizza

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