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Vegan Tofu Parmesan Pasta

Vegan Tofu Parmesan Pasta Recipe Gluten Free pollo Parmigiana

Here is a recipe I have been excited to make and post for a while now. A few months back Violife/Viofree sent us a new product they will be releasing soon for us to try: vegan Parmesan cheese! I am not sure if this product is available in stores yet but it should be soon. So, we tried this new vegan Parmesan cheese and it is amazing! I was very eager to make a vegan tofu Parmesan pasta with it. This is a bit of a big recipe though. We had to carefully consider when the weather would allow for photos while still preparing everything else in time for the photo shoot. We finally pulled it off and it is one of the most delicious vegan main courses we have had in a long time! It’s not a very difficult recipe so much as it is time consuming. It’s worth it to make it though! Here is how it’s done:

Vegan Tofu Parmesan Pasta Gluten Free Vegan Chicken Parmesan

Vegan Tofu Parmesan Recipe Vegan Chicken Parmesan Gluten Free pollo Parmigiana Continue reading Vegan Tofu Parmesan Pasta

Vegan Two Layer Eggplant Lasagna

Vegan Two Layer Eggplant Lasagna

This vegan two layer eggplant lasagna recipe takes a while from start to finish, but it is sure worth it!! You will need to make a lasagna sauce, vegan Parmesan cheese and two batches of Continue reading Vegan Two Layer Eggplant Lasagna

Broccoli Peppers the Souffle!

Meet Broccoli Peppers the Souffle
Meet Broccoli Peppers

I can’t stop bragging to whomever wants to hear it, that I made a vegan, gluten-free μπεσαμέλ (Béchamel)!!! Béchamel is a thick, white sauce used in Greek kitchens to go on top of mousaka (μουσακάς!!) and many other dishes! Here we used it for our buddy: Broccoli Peppers the Souffle!

It was about time I figured out how to do it!!! Continue reading Broccoli Peppers the Souffle!