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Food Photography Part 2

Food Photography Part 2

Back in June we posted the first of two posts about food photography. We wanted to interview some other food bloggers on the subject of food photography to find out what they have learned and any advice they might have for others. We are also pleased to announce our nomination for Greece’s first BHMA Gourmet Food Blog awards! We are participating in the Special Diet category so if you feel like showing us and veganism some support feel free to click here and like us to vote for us. Thank you for your support! Now, here is part two of our food photography series:

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A Week of Greek

PicMonkey Collage

Greek Food is only one of the reasons to visit Greece, although many will argue it is one of the best ones. Some other reasons are the beautiful scenery, swimming in the sea, the hot sun and of course the hospitality of the people. My country may be going through a rough patch but this doesn’t affect the way we welcome the travelers! If you are visiting Greece or plan to, please don’t hesitate to ask us anything, such as places to eat or how to go about being a vegan while staying here. In smaller villages people may not know what vegan is, but in islands and places that attract visitors more and more vegan options show up on the menus of the restaurants. You can ask for horiatiki salad without feta and Yemista without meat, you can find these two dishes everywhere in Greece this time of the year. Swimming in the crystal clear blue waters under the Mediterranean sun is enough to relax you and make you fall in love with this place! We have added some photos from here in Patras for you to see as well in this post.

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Food Photography Part One

Food Photography Tip & Tricks Part One

We might not be experienced photographers, but we love food blogging. I know some of you can’t read Greek (as one of our readers so humorously pointed out), so here is the translation of the food photography project we are working on. This will be a two part series of posts where we ask different food bloggers some questions about food photography. Most of the bloggers we have interviewed are here in Greece but one of them is from the United States coming up in part two. Let’s get started! Continue reading Food Photography Part One

Bamboo Vegan Interview

Bamboo Vegan Interview

We recently completed this Bamboo Vegan interview and want to share it with our readers. As of this moment Bamboo Vegan is Greece’s only exclusively vegan shop and bakery. They are located in Athens and we love shopping there! Whenever we go there we are greeted with Fotis and Elisavet’s down to earth personalities, warm smiles and genuine conversation. These people are beyond awesome so whether you live in Greece or are planning to visit you should stop by and say hi! We wanted to interview them for our blog to share their story and give you a glimpse of the incredible people they are.

Like them on Facebook and visit their store in Athens located at Zoodochou Pigis 8- 10 & Solonos. Only 5 minutes by foot from the Panepistimio metro station.

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Raw Month Challenge

Raw Month Challenge Results Strawberry Banana Fruit Salad

Here it is, our raw month challenge results post! As some of our readers may remember, we decided to do a 30 day raw vegan challenge beginning at the end of April 2014 through May 2014.  We never managed to post the results and our thoughts on the challenge before our hard drive crashed over the summer. Shame on us for not backing up, so if you are reading this right now you should make a mental note to back up your important files after you are done reading! Lucky for us, Athanasia kept old school notes with a pen and paper so we are still able to (finally) publish this post. Sure, we lost some of the recipes we had and, of course, any photos we did not already upload to our blog are gone too. However, we can still share with you what we do have.  Continue reading Raw Month Challenge

Piperomilos in Athens

Piperomilos in Athens

Piperomilos is a great shop in Athens if you are ever visiting or live there. They specialize in high quality herbs, spices, teas, superfoods and much more. Dimitri is a third generation herbal specialist with a wealth of knowledge passed on to him from his father and grandfather. He is also good friends with Athanasia’s sister. They are a new shop and as usual we always like to see little shops succeed so we want to try to help him get the word out. They are located at: Lycurgus 92, Kallithea 17676. Tell Dimitri 2 Broke Vegans sent you for a discount!

Piperomilos in Athens

Piperomilos in Athens


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Happy Spring from Patra, Greece!

Happy Spring from Patra, Greece

The weather today was absolutely beautiful here in Patra, Greece. Athanasia wanted to go for a walk down by the sea and I asked if she wanted to bring our camera. She began taking photos and some of them are really gorgeous! The sunset tonight was amazing and the clouds were just right to help her capture some of these “almost like a painting” snapshots. We thought it would be nice to share some of this beauty on our blog here and get back to sharing recipes tomorrow. There is so much beauty in nature so enjoy the scenery, happy spring and welcome to Patra! Continue reading Happy Spring from Patra, Greece!