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A Week of Greek

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Greek Food is only one of the reasons to visit Greece, although many will argue it is one of the best ones. Some other reasons are the beautiful scenery, swimming in the sea, the hot sun and of course the hospitality of the people. My country may be going through a rough patch but this doesn’t affect the way we welcome the travelers! If you are visiting Greece or plan to, please don’t hesitate to ask us anything, such as places to eat or how to go about being a vegan while staying here. In smaller villages people may not know what vegan is, but in islands and places that attract visitors more and more vegan options show up on the menus of the restaurants. You can ask for horiatiki salad without feta and Yemista without meat, you can find these two dishes everywhere in Greece this time of the year. Swimming in the crystal clear blue waters under the Mediterranean sun is enough to relax you and make you fall in love with this place! We have added some photos from here in Patras for you to see as well in this post.

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Vegan Greek Sour Cheese

Vegan Greek Sour Cheese Recipe for Dakos  ντάκος

This is an amazing vegan Greek sour cheese recipe straight from the island of Crete! Finding and making these vegan cheese recipes has become Athanasia’s specialty! We found this particular recipe at our friend’s blog Vegan in Athens (click here to view original recipe). With this particular vegan cheese you can make dakos (ντάκος), which is a very traditional Greek food from Crete. Find out how we made these delicious snacks:

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Greek Salad with Vegan Feta Cheese

Greek Salad with vegan Feta cheese

All last summer with Jake we were eating Greek salad, (we call it horiatiki salad here!). Now that it is summer again, well, at least the calendar says so but it hasn’t stopped raining the past two weeks (yay!), we are eating Greek salad every day. Thanks to our friends over at Viva Las Vegans, we now have a great vegan Feta cheese recipe! Which I know doesn’t mean a whole lot to Jake, but to a Greek, it is the most important thing to have a Greek salad with vegan Feta cheese!

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Fried Eggplants with Greek Garlic Sauce

Fried Eggplants with Greek garlic sauce vegan and gluten free

On the 25th of March, here in Greece, we always eat skordalia! This is an extra garlicky condiment only for those who love garlic! They also serve it with fried fish, but I replaced it using eggplant pieces. These fried eggplants with Greek garlic sauce were delicious and brought back memories! 🙂 You can adjust the garlic quantity but be aware, your breath will smell! Continue reading Fried Eggplants with Greek Garlic Sauce

Traditional Greek Beans

Traditional Greek Beans

I love using an oven pot with a lid, I stole a small one from my mother and I use it when I want to give food amazing flavor! Traditional Greek beans with tomato sauce, carrots and peppers baked in the oven pot. Finally, some beans around here! Perfect for fasting and olive oil free 🙂

Traditional Greek Beans

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Greek Souvlaki Vegan Style

Greek Souvlaki

Tacos are great but here in Greece we have souvlaki!  In it’s vegan and gluten free version, Greek souvlaki have a soft, fluffy pitta bread wrapped around delicious gyro made from mushrooms. Add on top of that raw onion slices, tomatoes and lettuce, combined with a garlic dill sauce. Which one is better, souvlaki or tacos? Jake says tacos!

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Moussaka is a traditional Greek recipe for those who love great food! Baked potatoes and satisfying eggplant slices with a rich tomato and Vegan Italian Sausage Meat sauce. All of this is covered with a thick and creamy bechamel sauce. It is so good!!

Greek Moussaka

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Μπριαμ! Vegetables in the Oven

Μπριαμ! Vegetables in the OvenI suppose my ancestors couldn’t come up with any other word for this recipe than μπριάμ (bree-Ahhm), which doesn’t mean anything in particular from what I know! For this recipe you take vegetables and cook them in a pan in the oven, all together, until they are soft and yummy! Hence the name we gave it: vegetables in the oven.
You can use eggplants, potatoes, zucchinis and

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Traditional Greek Christmas Biscuits

Traditional Greek Christmas Biscuits

These are traditional Greek Christmas biscuits which you see everywhere if you walk around this time of year in Greece. They are very simple, easy and enjoyable. Everybody who makes them gives them a different flavor and aroma! For example, some people use ouzo or liquor; others use orange zest and juice. I feel the most traditional flavor and aroma combination comes from edible flower water you can spray them with. Continue reading Traditional Greek Christmas Biscuits

Traditional Greek Glazed Christmas Cookies

Traditional Greek Glazed Christmas Cookies

Traditional Greek Glazed Christmas Cookies! These cookies smell like Christmas: cinnamon, cloves and citrus aromas dipped in delicious syrup! Juicy, soft and delicious; vegan and gluten free! Continue reading Traditional Greek Glazed Christmas Cookies