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Vegan Greek Christmas Cookies

Vegan Greek Christmas Cookies

As you can see from our old melomakarona recipe, they are traditionally made using flour, honey and sugar. However, we veganized it and left the honey out! This year I thought why not leave the flour out too? This new recipe uses walnuts combined with the traditional flavors of melomakarona: orange, cinnamon and cloves! These make for a juicy cookie wrapped in a scrumptious layer of chocolate that melts in your mouth! Very vegan Greek Christmas cookies, wow! 🙂 Continue reading Vegan Greek Christmas Cookies

Chocoberry Smoothie

Chocoberry Smoothie - GF Vegan Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

We love to make raw vegan smoothies, especially as the weather begins to warm up. We both love this chocoberry smoothie and think it’s the perfect way to kick off smoothie season! This smoothie is great for breakfast and can be enjoyed as a snack throughout the day. It’s easy to put into a seal-able container to bring with you on the go as well.  Continue reading Chocoberry Smoothie

Raw Caramel Thumbprints

Raw Caramel Thumbprints Vegan Cookies Recipe

I was making some cookies one day recently when Athanasia came up with this idea for raw caramel thumbprints. She wanted to keep the recipe somewhat simple yet delicious. I must admit she succeeded. I ate these like they were going out of style!

Raw Vegan Caramel Thumbprints Cookies Gluten Free

Continue reading Raw Caramel Thumbprints

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Recipe Raw Vegan Gluten Free Sugar Free

What happens when hazelnuts decide to take cacao out on a hot date? Hazelnut hot chocolate of course! This recipe is raw vegan if you do not let it heat up too much in the blender. I’m happy Athanasia figured out how to make this because it’s delicious!

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Recipe Continue reading Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip

Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip

Kick back and watch your favorite movie tonight and enjoy it with some vegan nacho cheese! This is one of my personal favorites. It’s not for everybody because it has a little kick to it; ye be warned!  Continue reading Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip

Raw Month Challenge

Raw Month Challenge Results Strawberry Banana Fruit Salad

Here it is, our raw month challenge results post! As some of our readers may remember, we decided to do a 30 day raw vegan challenge beginning at the end of April 2014 through May 2014.  We never managed to post the results and our thoughts on the challenge before our hard drive crashed over the summer. Shame on us for not backing up, so if you are reading this right now you should make a mental note to back up your important files after you are done reading! Lucky for us, Athanasia kept old school notes with a pen and paper so we are still able to (finally) publish this post. Sure, we lost some of the recipes we had and, of course, any photos we did not already upload to our blog are gone too. However, we can still share with you what we do have.  Continue reading Raw Month Challenge

Vegan Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Vegan Caramel Apple Cheesecake Gluten Free Eggless Dairy Free Non-GMO Gourmet Dessert Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good vegan cheesecake? I have made some raw vegan cheesecakes before but without a dehydrator it is much easier and more cost effective for us to make an almost raw cheesecake. We have included instructions below on how to make it completely raw if you do have a dehydrator or feel like running your convection oven at it’s lowest temperature for 12 hours or more. Athanasia and I were discussing what our last post of the year should be and we decided to make this vegan caramel apple cheesecake. We had not posted any cheesecakes before today so it’s about time we did!

Vegan Caramel Apple Cheesecake Recipe Raw Vegan Diet Continue reading Vegan Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Luscious Raw Chocolate Truffles

Luscious Raw Chocolate Truffles Vegan Gluten Free Christmas Recipe Festivus Happy Holidays!

My friends, readers and strangers; ’tis the season to eat treats, be jolly, buy presents and be with family and friends! I love this season, but sometimes I am afraid I am the only one that loves it enough to play Christmas music all day.  Anyway,  my jolly mood is about to become jollier with my favorite luscious raw chocolate truffles! They are quick and easy to make and oh so delicious. Give them a try, while listening to your favorite Christmas songs. mine are Rocking Around The Christmas tree and Santa Baby! What are your favorite holiday songs?

Luscious Raw Chocolate Truffles Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free Non-GMO Christmas Recipe Continue reading Luscious Raw Chocolate Truffles

Juicing Like A Sir

Juicing Like A Sir Apple Grape Green Raw Vegan Juice Recipe

Juicing like a sir! My family and I completed a 60 day juice fast back in early 2012 after watching the documentary ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ based upon recommendations from my sister. We decided to give it a try and had fantastic results! I remember feeling so energized and cleansed from fasting. Of course, eating whole food again after the fast was such an amazing feeling too! A lot of people can get confused about whether or not juicing is right for them. Health is a tricky subject so we are not going to recommend to anybody who has not talked to their nutritionist or medical professional to try juicing. It is difficult to know exactly what nutrients you need to acquire on an everyday basis through juicing. Also, we are not going on a juice fast right at this moment either, however, we do enjoy the occasional green juice as a meal replacement. This simple but delicious juice features only 3 ingredients: red apples, green grapes and dandelion greens. Continue reading Juicing Like A Sir

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

First of all, we would like to apologize for our lack of posts. A little over a week ago now, my hard drive fried. With it we lost our way of posting new recipes as well as several photos of things we had made but not posted yet. We are getting back on track though! Here we have a delicious raw vegan sugar free, dairy free strawberry banana ice cream! What better than a tasty frozen treat to keep you cool this summer? Guess what else? It is very easy to make!

Raw Vegan Gluten Free Dairy Free Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Recipe Continue reading Strawberry Banana Ice Cream