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Yemista – Greek Stuffed Vegetables

Yemista - Greek Stuffed Vegetables Vegan Recipe Gluten Free Soy Free

Today we bring you our final collaborative Week of Greek recipe we are doing with Oh She Cooks. This also happens to be my favorite Greek food: Yemista – Greek Stuffed Vegetables! I had never had this delicious main course before I moved to Greece two years ago. This was one of the first Greek foods Athanasia’s mom made for me when I arrived and I was hooked instantly! Athanasia’s mom is an amazing cook and all of the food she makes is delicious but I would have to say yemista is my favorite! I could eat yemista every day which means it may have replaced vegan pizza as my favorite food of all time. You may be wondering how this is possible but perhaps you have never had yemista!

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Vegan Greek Soutzoukakia

Vegan Greek Soutzoukakia

Tomatoes are in season now; full of color and flavor! They are great for making sauces like the one used for vegan Greek soutzoukakia. We made our soutzoukakia using mushrooms and walnuts but the main idea is taken from this awesome lentil soutzoukakia recipe. As you will see, it can be a task to make some of the most traditional Greek recipes. This is because we take our time with the preparation, sizzling the spices and slow cooking for amazing flavor. It is a labor of love but the food is always worth it! The Vegan Greek Soutzoukakia are served with oven fried potatoes. This is another installment in our collaboration with Oh She Cooks for her Week of Greek recipes!

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Greek Stuffed Vine Leaves – Dolmadakia

Greek Stuffed Vine Leaves - Dolmadakia Recipe Traditional Greek Food, Gluten Free

My friend Katherine from the amazing blog Oh, she cooks! has a special love for Greece and Greek food. She suggested we do a week of sharing traditional Greek recipes. I loved the idea, especially now that my country is under all of this pressure. Today I’m sharing the recipe for Greek stuffed vine leaves – dolmadakia; delicious little bites of heaven. I have even included photos showing the appropriate folding technique! You should also go check out Kathrine’s bread recipe and read her spot on observations about Greek’s relationship with bread and olive oil, it cracked me up!

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Vegan Magiritsa Greek Easter Soup

Vegan Magiritsa Greek Easter Soup

Easter is celebrated on this Sunday here in Greece whereas some people around the world celebrated Easter last Sunday. Easter is a major holiday here! People flock to the farmer’s market to buy all the ingredients they can as they prepare to make copious amounts of food for Easter dinner. There are epitaphs to see (and follow if you’re interested) on Friday evening, fireworks on Saturday evening and of course the big day on Sunday! The tradition of Easter is rooted deep into the hearts and memories of many Greek people as they gather around with family and friends to celebrate. Athanasia wanted to share the essence of these traditions with this vegan magiritsa Greek Easter soup recipe! I really love this soup, it is delicious!  Continue reading Vegan Magiritsa Greek Easter Soup

Roasted Red Peppers With Vegan Feta

Roasted Red Peppers with Vegan Feta Cheese Recipe

Due to popular demand we present to you a simple recipe for a Greek appetizer: roasted red peppers with vegan feta cheese. Jake is in love with the vegan feta, I have heard him say things like “I would buy it dinner and…”, “I could eat this every day” (which has been the case the past few weeks), and “I should marry this feta and have little feta kids running around”. Sounds like he found himself a mate there! It also sounds like he has more Greek in him than it shows. Who knew? Lucky for him, feta goes with everything, and especially with roasted red peppers! (Note from Jake: It’s true, I have said all of these things. I am not saying I am proud of it but I am certainly not ashamed either. This vegan feta is scrumtrulescent!)

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Paulina’s Tart

Paulina's Tart Gluten Free Vegan Dairy Free Egg Free Recipe

One of Athanasia’s best friends made this for her and her friends earlier this year and she came home boasting of how delicious it was! I was thinking how can a tart be that good without any cheese on it? Well, I feel guilty about ever having that thought now! After trying it, there is no doubt in my mind Paulina’s tart is exceptional! It just so happens to be simple and easy to make as well. Athanasia had been wanting to make it for a while just so I could try it, so we finally made it.

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Artichokes a la Polita

Artichokes a la Polita

Artichokes bloom in the Spring, so in Greece the time to eat them is now! The simplest recipe, no sea salt, no spices, only the fresh vegetables to flavor each other. Artichokes a la Polita is a traditional Greek recipe from Constantinoupolis, or Istanbul as it is called now. The food is amazing there, where east meets west.  Continue reading Artichokes a la Polita

Green Beans With Grandma’s Secret

Green Beans with our grandma's secret

Everyone who cooks has a dream, for their creations to be eaten with enjoyment, enthusiasm, and cheers! Or is it just me? I am sure you want your food to taste amazing, using as much simplicity as possible. Green beans with my Grandma’s secret have amazing flavor using only Continue reading Green Beans With Grandma’s Secret

Μπάμιες! Okras with Tomato Sauce!

Okras with Tomato Sauce

This is one of our all time favorite! Every week we visit the farmer’s market with desperation to find organic, sweet, delightful μπάμιες! This is how you make okras with tomato sauce…

We use fresh okras, but using frozen ones will save you so much time.   Keep the recipe until you can find fresh ones! Continue reading Μπάμιες! Okras with Tomato Sauce!

Green Beans the Greek Way!

Green Beans the Greek Way!

This is how every Greek mother or grandmother cooks green beans, or φασολάκια! The is how you make green beans the Greek way.

You will need: